A revolutionary healthcare device that provides postnatal treatments after caesarean-section deliveries

February, 2018

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Welcome to a Healthy Future

Since initial concept design and market research in 2012, NnBU remains an inovation endeavor. In 2014 we pioneered the idea of after birth care for c-section newborn babies and filed our first patents. Then in 2016, the NnBU GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany with the goal to develop the world first functional prototype.

The foundations and aspirations of our business remain true to those established by our visionary founders, and their innovation and energy continue to be our inspiration.
Our passion and entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we deliver for any c-section born baby the possibility to ease and remove any disadvantages related with this form of birth by bridging the gap between the natural birth method and the c-section.

NnBU Investor Summary
We at NnBU, a name coined from ‘neonatal birth unit’ are developing a medical device which will improve the well-being of babies born by Caesarean section (also called C-section). Research* shows that newborns delivered by Caesarean-section are more likely to develop health conditions when they grow up.

A preliminary design has been completed and has received patent protection.

*Study reference: Professor Jan Blustein and Professor J Liu March 25 2015 published by the BMJ (link)

The company needs funds to:

Finalize the design, certify it, and prepare it for manufacture
Prepare the plant in which the device would be assembled from components and tested
Hire the full management team and cover the initial working capital requirements until the Company has a positive cash flow
Allow for the commercial expenditure to get the product to market
NnBU seeks to raise the necessary funds by means of an ICO.
We will reward token holders with a percentage of our revenues.
Investors in the ICO will be protected by having a conventional legal contract with the company in addition to a smart contract via blockchain technology.
The target for our ICO is to raise €15 million and the investors will receive 12.5% of the company’s revenues.

How to participate in NnBU ICO

The NnBU Device
Medical research indicates that babies born by Caesarean section (also called C-section) have a greater incidence of certain chronic medical conditions than those experiencing a natural birth.

It is thought this is because the stresses inherent in a natural birth activate both the baby’s immune system and ensure that the newborn’s breathing and other natural processes are fully functioning.

Our unique NnBU device, situated in hospitals and clinics, used straight after the baby is born, seeks to reproduce part of these positive stresses in a controlled manner. This gives the baby the benefits of a natural birth, even though they were born by Caesarean-section.

The device applies a controlled pressure to the baby in different sections of the torso for a predetermined period while also holding the baby in a warm, comfortable environment. Also, because most C-section babies are asleep when delivered, the NnBU device also focuses light on the baby’s fontanel in order to create a comfortable waking process for the newborn baby.


April 2018

Research and Development by Fraunhofer IPA;
Device certification by DMTpe GmbH;
Further international intellectual property protection;

April 2020

Germany, Austria & Switzerland (DACH) market entry

April 2021

Revenue sharing with token holders

France & Benelux market entry

October 2021

Brasil & Argentina market entry

February 2022

Mexico market entry

April 2022

US and Canada market entry

Revenue sharing with token holders

June 2022

Other European countries (UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic) market entry

January 2023

Turkey and Egypt market entry

April 2023

Revenue sharing with token holders

January 2024

China, India and Indonesia market entry

April 2024

Revenue sharing with token holders


Frederic Vo Van


Chief Executive Officer since October 2016. Frederic is an experienced Executive with track record of success in growth strategies and shareholder value in global organizations and across diverse territories. In recent past, Frederic was Director of Business Development and International Affairs at a DAX listed company in the aviation sector.

Johannes Schenck


Appointed to the NnBU core team as Chief Operation Officer in October 2016. Johannes is one of the founders behind NnBU back in 2012. Johannes spent decades at the German based Fielmann AG, where he was responsible for developing holistic recruiting and education concepts for apprentices and representing the company on EU wide fairs.

Claus Peters


Appointed to the NnBU core team as Chief Technical Officer in October 2016. He is one of the founders behind NnBU back in 2012 and has a strong track record of developing complex aeronautical equipment as Head of Design and Development from 2001 to 2006 followed by a leading position at sales and marketing leadership for a major German based company in the sector of aviation. Claus currently holds the position as CFO, acting.

Advisory Board

Dr Serge Bakoa

Attorney At Law

Attorney-At-Law with Paris & Cameroon Bars
Partner with HSTB Law Firm
Member of the International Fiscal Association
Member of the French Corporation Organization MEDEF
Former Elected Member of the Paris Bar Council
22 work experience with Companies, Law and Consultancy firms
Areas of Practice: Tax Law, Finance Law, Business Law, Mining Law, Projects, Lobbying & representation services

Tina Fotherby

Founder of Famous Publicity Ltd

Tina Fotherby runs a specialist PR agency near London. She has a strong interest in technical innovation and the medical world. She secured sponsorship for the Caudwell Xtreme Everest initiative in 2007 that was designed to discover medical breakthroughs on the subject of hypoxia. She was a volunteer to the project that tested blood saturation levels at altitude (Everest Base Camp) and also handled the publicity for this global initiative that is now internationally recognised for its pioneering work that saves lives. Her business, Famous Publicity, has provided PR support for several highly successful ICOs.

Mike Boutwell

Blockchain Technology Advisor

Mike is 29 years old and has more than 10 years of experience in technology services. He has advised hundreds of clients, mostly in the financial and telecommunications sector. His passion is exploring technologies that push the limits of human capabilities.

Amanda Hogan

Senior Quality Assurance Manager

Senior and confident professional leader with 20 years’ experience in Clinical and Senior Managerial positions. Communicates confidently and effectively at all levels and uses initiative to create and lead teams that meet the highest standards. Always striving to go the extra mile in order to achieve the set goal.

Sidney Perera

Corporate Finance Advisor

Sidney has a degree in Law from Cambridge University and is qualified both as a Barrister and as a Chartered Accountant. He was Partner-in-Charge of Management Consulting with Ernst and Whinney (now Ernst and Young) in Spain until 1986, and then worked with McKinsey & Co in Spain and Portugal on banking studies.

Srecko Velimirovic

Corporate Finance Advisor

Srecko holds a masters degree in law from the elite German business school, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, with a strong focus on Mergers & Acquisitions.

Max Pokam


Seasoned technologist, Infosec and Blockchain Decentralization Architect.
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